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Новости отрасли
Выбор шланга высокого давления и универсальность
Причины и меры предосторожности при разрыве ударов шланга высокого давления
Каковы загустители, используемые в резиновых трубах?
Мы участвуем PTC Asia
PTC Asia успешного завершения

Мы участвуем PTC Asia

     The PTC (Power Transmission and Control) Asia is an international trade fair for power transmission and control, which takes place once a year in Shanghai. Since its foundation in 1991 it has established itself as the most important trading platform of the industry and for many international companies it is the basis for their entry into the Chinese market expecting enormous growth rates during the coming years. The exhibition is divided into the areas of fluid technology, mechanical transmission (MTPE), fasteners & springs and bearings. Fluid technology belongs since 2001 to the exhibition offer and comes up with new technologies and products in hydraulics, pneumatics and seals. It is one of the sectors with the greatest potential for growth. In the fields of fasteners, springs and bearings not only the latest innovations are shown, but also user-oriented solutions and a variety of applications are introduced. The area of MTPE is the ideal meeting place and an important platform for companies in industries such as gears, chain transmission, belt transmission, clutches, brakes, electric power transmission, fasteners and powder metallurgy. The exhibition, which is only accessible to trade visitors, will be accompanied by numerous lectures, seminars and product demonstrations, as well as discussions on current issues and therefore has established itself as information as well as knowledge platform.


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